Getting Started – FAQs

Welcome to, for your Free online Classified Ads. We put the power of Advertising in your hands. In order to help new users we have compiled frequently asked questions on getting started.

How to Submit Your Ad
1. Register an account. Click “Post an Ad” from the top right side menu bar of the page
and enter your details.
2. You May login using your Facebook account.
3. Set/Use your password to sign in.
4. Once signed in, enter your listing details.

How much would it cost me to become a member or Register?
Unlike most of the other advertising sites, here at we do not charge ‘Membership fee’ we will not take any Upfront or Membership or Closing an account fee. Once you register you are able to post your Free Classified Ads with pictures and details straight away which will be included in our search results.

What do I do after registering?
Once you have completed our online account registration form you will be able to add your listings straight away.
When logged in, you will be able to view our users Profiles and what they say about themselves and their businesses. You will also be able to rate them or add comments.

Why does let users post ads for Free? has been developed to connect people globally – especially the people who could be looking for Jobs, accommodation, concert Tickets, sports tickets and more, ModerServe also connects and gives exposure to all businesses more importantly the start-up businesses and ambitious entrepreneurs offering students and graduates intern placements in small and big firms worldwide. We believe that people should be able to connect with no strings attached. Whilst protecting your privacy we are building a global community. With cutting-edge technology we provide you the tools to buy, sell or rent. ModerServe’s aim is to give you a straight forward, simple secure and easy to use website that allows you to quickly find what you could be looking for.

How can I view an Ad in a specific category?
To view a specific property you will need to locate the Detailed Search at the top of each page. When logged in, you will be able to search by features like Location, Ad title and more.

How can I get the most exposure from my listing? 
To optimise the results of your Ad listing on ModernServe, ensure that you have correctly described your Ad. Keep your description brief, short and informative, while filling in each box you are able to. Also, ads that include more than one picture of the slots gives a better idea of what your Ad is about to potential buyers or clients. Before posting, ensure your account has a current e-mail address to contact you.

How do I add pictures?
When submitting your ad, locate one of the ‘Picture’ fields. When selecting one of these, you will be shown a box to locate the directory of the picture on your computer to be uploaded. It is not necessary for you to resize your picture, as our system will automatically generate a thumbnail for you.

Why is some information mandatory?
In order to allow visitors to get the best out of your Ad, we have set up sorting to make finding the right Ad easier. When submitting a classified Ad, be sure to fill in appropriate mandatory fields – Fields like Title, Location etc.

Where is my e-mail for my account activation?
If you do not receive your account activation e-mail, please ensure you have correctly input your e-mail address. Refrain from creating another account, and instead contact us for assistance.

Why was my Classified Ad removed?
In order to preserve the quality of our classifieds, duplicate Ads are removed. Additionally, should an Ad not reflect a serious offer or not fall within our guidelines you may or may not be notified of its deletion. Should you not receive a deletion confirmation e-mail please ensure your account is registered with an active e-mail address. Alternatively you may contact us for further assistance.