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When Does Your Ad Expire?
At the moment your Classified Ads on ModernServe will remain on our site for 60 days, or until you remove it. We encourage users to renew advertisements at no cost once their 60 days are up. Ads expire to ensure active classifieds are available to visitors.

Featured Listings
Featured listings are assigned by the administrator. Ads that are featured will be showcased in both your designated category and additionally in our featured listing for 30 days. To have your classified ad featured – there is a charge of £5 payable to ModernServe.com, To have your posted Ads Display on our Homepage “Slideshow spotlight”
OR under “Featured Ads” Listings Promote my Ad Now select Premium or contact our Sales Department.

Detailed Search
Can’t find the Ad you are looking for? Try using our detailed search to find a specific Classified Ad. Search functions include Location, Title, Category, Performer or Event etc.

In order for you to Post your Ads, you are required to create an account or user you Facebook login details. Registration at Modernserve.com is simple and free of charge only takes less than a minute.

Recent Classified Ads
Stay informed with up to date Ads on the latest Classified Ads with our Recent Ads. We compile the latest Classified Ads from all categories into a condensed format for your easy search and delivery.

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  • it is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to agree on all things involved in    the sale of a good or service;
  • it is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to resolve any dispute that may arise from ModernServe.com transactions;
  • It is the responsibility of the buyer and seller to research and comply with all applicable laws, regulations and restrictions on items and services that may pertain to the transaction in which they are a party.
  • Applicable taxes and other costs incurred from participating in a transaction are the responsibility of the buyer and seller.

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